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[00:08.49]My View on Cyber Manhunt

[00:11.73]Cyber manhunt is a new phenomenon in the Internet.

[00:16.83]Some people consider it beneficial to our society,

[00:21.12]while others object to it,

[00:23.36]claiming that it brings many problems to us,

[00:26.54]such as invasion of privacy.

[00:28.90]I agree with the former.

[00:31.51]On the one hand,

[00:33.32]cyber manhunt helps to prevent people

[00:36.65]from doing something immoral.

[00:38.89]Once what you did immoral is disclosed online,

[00:43.31]millions of people may pay attention to you

[00:46.17]and want to dig out everything about you,

[00:49.03]which can be unbearable for those

[00:51.40]who want to do something immoral.

[00:53.39]On the other hand,

[00:55.01]cyber manhunt,

[00:56.44]as a tool of fast gathering information,

[00:59.67]may contribute to tracking and catching

[01:01.85]the CRIminals and help the police solve the case quickly.

[01:06.52]From what has been discussed above,

[01:09.07]we can come to the conclusion

[01:11.60]that cyber manhunt is one of the many merits of the Internet.

[01:15.76]It is beneficial to both the individuals

[01:19.45]and the whole society if we use it appropriately.



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